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Film Cameras
Model No : KZ25
Easy Load Feature: The automatic Kodak KZ25 comes with a unique Easy load feature - easy and failure proof film loading mechanism, which makes film loading simple and hassle free for first time users and amateur photographers. Now you need to just drop in the film and shut the film door to load the film. • Flash Every Time: The camera has an all time flash that flashes every time a picture is taken. This ensures excellent clarity. • Auto Shut Off: The Kodak KZ25 shuts off automatically when not in use. Now you don't have t worry about drained batteries, if you leave your camera on. • Auto Forward and auto Rewind:Ready to shoot with Kodak KZ25 automatic camera? Get – set – go, keep taking pictures without worrying about moving on to the next exposure. Let the auto forward mechanism make your picture taking process hassle free. Reached the end of the roll? Push a button and the entire film rewinds. • Red Eye Reduction:Longer distance between flash and lens helps reduce red eye (black eyes without red highlights). FIlm loading and conformation .The film operates only when it is loaded correctly. • Free Film • One Kodak Max Film worth Rs 95 free with this camera. • A Two Year Warranty Provided.
Rs. 1095
Model No : KBZoom
"This is the first Zoom camera in the Indian market priced at Rs.2495 making it an affordable choice. This 1.7x easy zoom camera is greatly styled and has a usable design. The camera will also come with a free Kodak Max film, Max Alkaline batteries and a pouch, all worth Rs. 250. • High performance Zoom Lens: The Kodak KB Zoom has a high performance zoom lens of 29mm – 50mm. • All Time Flash: An ‘all time flash’ flashes every time a picture is taken, and makes for bright, clearer pictures. • Big Viewfinder :A big, bright viewfinder enables you in lining up the shot. The Kodak KBZoom camera comes with Kodak Glass Lens, which results in clearer, sharper picture. • A Two Year Warranty Provided"
Rs. 2495
Model No : EC100
"This stunningly stylish camera is the latest offering to hit the market from Kodak, priced at an affordable rate. • All Time Flash: Gives you perfect pictures in all light conditions. • Large Film Counter: Enables you to see how many pics you have taken, • Big Viewfinder:A big and bright viewfinder allows you to frame pictures easily. • 30mm Wide-Angle Lens: Do your photographs always leave out some people? Well, that is solved now. A wide-angle lens pictures larger groups easily. • Correct Film Loading Conformation:Think you haven't loaded the film correctly? Kodak EC100's unique features ensure that the camera works only• when the film is loaded correctly. • Quality: The Kodak EC100 has been manufactured in India at the bangalore plant which has six sigma quality. • Free Films:Two Kodak Max films worth Rs.190, free with this camera. • A Two Year Warranty Provided"
Rs. 795
Model No : KB12 plus
"The Kodak KB 12 Plus Camera is designed for the first time user. It comes with an easy and failure proof film loading• The camera operates only if the lens is open. This mechanism ensures proper loading of the film . • Focus Free Lens:The focus free lens further ensures that the camera delivers sharp, clear pictures. • The Camera With The Self timer: The camera is equipped with the most desired feature by customers i.e. a self-timer. A mini tripod stand • that comes free with the camera supports the self-timer feature that provides a ten second delay, to enable the user to get into the picture frame. • Great Design and Style:Targeted at the youth, this technologically superior camera comes with a stylish, compact design, a trendy silver body and an array of advanced, user-friendly features. • Ergnomic Design:The size and shape of the camera provides a firm grip while taking pictures, making it easy to hold and use. Also the buttons are conveniently located ensuring easy operation. • All Time Flash: The camera has an all time flash that flashes every time a picture is taken. This ensures excellent clarity. This camera is accompanied by a mini -tripod stand, a pouch and a Kodak MAX film absolutely free. • A Two Year Warranty Provided"
Rs. 895
Model No : KB10
"• Wide Angle Lens :The A 30mm lens that gives you a wider angle of coverage. This ensures that you cover larger groups from as close as 1.2m (4 feet)as against 1.5m (5 feet) that other cameras offer. • All Time Flash: The flash operates every time you operate the shutter giving you perfect pictures in all light conditions. • Ergonomic Design:The KB10 frame is designed to be easy to hold and operate, with levers and buttons located conveniently and designed large for easy operation. • Aspheric Two Element Lens:The latest technology in lens design brings you the two element Aspheric polymer lens, which gives you sharper pictures. • Correct Film Loading Conformation: KB10 has a unique feature, which ensures that the camera works only when the film is loaded correctly. • Large And Bright Viewfinder:Large, comfortable viewfinder, which magnifies the image and makes viewing and framing the subject easy. • Free Film:One Kodak Max film worth Rs 95, free with this camera. • A Two Year Warranty Provided"
Rs. 499
Model No : Kroma
Kodak Kroma continues to be one of the leading Kodak models in the Kodak portfolio. • Wide- Angle Lens:Kodak Kroma comes with a 35mm lens that gives you a wider angle of coverage. It is the only compact camera, which gives you the option of adjusting the aperture of• camera, based on film speed, thus ensuring good • quality pictures. • Film Loading Conformation: This Camera operates only if the film is loaded properly thus ensuring there are no more missed pictures. The shutter operates only if the film is loaded properly. This solves your problem of loading the film. • Easy to Read Film Counter: Kodak Kroma has a large, easy to read film counter making it easy to keep a track of the frames shot. The counter also winds down when rewinding so as to let you know when the rewinding is complete. • Flash modes: Kodak Kroma has a powerful flash with an option of fill flash or defeat flash. Besides the auto-flash mode (the default setting), you can select flash-off, fill flash or nightview with or without flash. • Large and Bright View Finder: Kodak Kroma has a large, comfortable viewfinder, which magnifies the image and makes viewing and framing the object easy. • All-Glass Lens: Kodak Kroma comes with a coated all-glass lens that gives sharp and clear pictures. This results in better quality pictures in comparison to other camera lenses in its category. • Ergnomic Design: The Kodak Kroma frame is designed keeping in mind the consumer’s convenience. With conveniently located levers and buttons, kroma is easy to hold and operate. It’s designed large for a better grip and easy operation. • Three Year Warranty.
Rs. 1795

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