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Product Name : StayFree® Sure
"For those who lead an active-lifestyle and need superior leakage protection, there’s New Stayfree Sure with an Odour Control System. It contains Natural Plant Extract and absorbs period smell. So you stay as close to people and still be confident that your period will stay your own little secret. Also every pad has 18 anti-leak channels which give you superior protection against leakage. Leakage protection and odour control – to keep your period a secret"
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Product Name : StayFree® UltraThins
J"Stayfree UltraThins is an extremely thin napkin – so thin and comfortable, you can even wear it with tight clothing. Even though it is so thin, yet it offers the ultimate protection from leakage. It has a special absorbency system with a basket weave design that absorbs fluid quickly and locks it in leaving you comfortable and dry. It also comes with wings that hold the napkin firmly in place and prevent side staining. Each napkin is individually folded & wrapped, which makes carrying and disposing easier for your convenience"
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Product Name : StayFree® Silky-Dry
A beltless napkin with the unique Stain-Lock System that gives you long lasting protection. It comprises of two covers and two plastic shields that make the napkin absorbent and more stable in use. The outer cover is designed to hold fluid inside and does not allow it to re-surface.
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Product Name : StayFree® Secure
A beltless napkin that provides protection that is superior to a home-made napkin, and at an affordable price! It is far more absorbent and is equipped with a plastic shield to prevent stains. It gives you great protection, at an affordable price.
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Product Name : Carefree®
This highly absorbent napkin is specially designed to give extra protection to girls who have just begun menstruating. It comes with a special elastic belt that helps hold the napkin firmly in place. It is easy to wear, too. Just secure the two ends of the napkin with the belt and it gives you complete protection and freedom.
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Product Name : Band-Aid®
BAND-AID® is the world’s first medicated dressing. It contains Benzakonium Chloride, which kills prevents re-growth of germs, acts as a cleansing agent and is gentle on the skin. BAND-AID® is the only sterilized medicated dressing in India and has a delnet to prevent the medicated pad from sticking to the wound. It is available in regular, and wash proof forms.
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Product Name : Savlon®
SAVLON® antiseptic helps heal without hurting. It contains a powerful combination of chlorhexidine gluconate and cetrimide, which together not only kill germs but also prevent their re-growth.
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Product Name : JohnsonPlast®
JOHNSONPLAST® is a non-medicated adhesive tape plaster used to stick surgical dressings on boils, burns and large wounds that cannot be covered by medicated dressings such as BAND-AID®. It is used in dispensaries, small hospitals and households.
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Product Name : Clean & Clear
"Clean & Clear includes a range of genuine face-care products that works on the skin in ways that enhance its natural beauty. As a result, a Clean & Clear face can always be spotted, fresh and glowing! Clean & Clear Moisturiser and Face Wash are the two products available"
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Shower To Shower effectively absorbs sweat, keeping prickly heat at bay. The powder contains Salicylic Acid and Boric Acid, which act against bacteria that cause prickly heat. Shower To Shower comes in four fragrances - Cologne Cool, Morning Fresh, Sandal and Plain.
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