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Skin Care

Product Name : Aloe Facial Wash
Soap-free rinse-off formula with moisturisers and aloe extract to gently clean skin. Hypoallergenic. 150 ml.

Rs. 198
Product Name : Aloe Gentle Toner
With aloe to soothe and calm and witch hazel to refresh and tone. Perfect for leaving skin feeling toned, fresh and prepared for further treatment. Hypoallergenic. 150 ml.
Rs. 198
Product Name : Aloe Soft Scrub
Gentle rinse-off scrub removes the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal a smooth and radiant complexion. With aloe to help soothe while it exfoliates. Hypoallergenic formula is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. 75 ml.
Rs. 198
Product Name : Aloe Protective Moisturiser
Helps keep skin hydrated while protecting it from UV damage. Can be used as an effective make-up base. Hypoallergenic. 75 ml.
Rs. 198
Product Name : Aloe 80% Pure Gel
Multi-purpose gel provides immediate relief for skin irritated due to sun exposure, shaving etc. Helps keep skin hydrated and elastic, and can be used under make-up or day cream to calm and re-balance skin. Ideal for sensitive or problem skin. 50 ml.
Rs. 229
Product Name : Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel
Soothing gel formulated specifically to help refresh tired or sensitive skin around eyes. Hydrates and nourishes while helping to relieve signs of tiredness or strain. Hypoallergenic. 15 ml.
Rs. 149
Product Name :Aloe Lip Balm
Moisturising and nourishing balm with SPF8 sun protection. 4,8 g
Rs. 79
Product Name :Fairness Cream
Light, fast absorbing cream for fairer skin in 5-6 weeks. Contains Biowhite, a natural combination of plant extracts with proven lightening properties, and sunscreens to protect against further darkening. 50 ml.
Rs. 69
Product Name :Fairness Lotion
Light, fast-absorbing lotion keeps skin moisturised and helps strengthen the skin’s barrier function. Contains Biowhite, with proven skin lightening properties, and sunscreens. 50 ml.
Rs. 69
Product Name : Fairness Soap
Smooth cream-based soap with natural whitening ingredients and sunscreens. Use with Fairness Lotion/Cream as part of a daily cleansing and lightening routine. 75 g.
Rs. 49
Product Name :Tender Care
Relieves dryness and restores skin softness and suppleness. A special formula with beeswax and vegetable oils, suitable for lips, face, cuticles or any area that is dry, rough or sore. 15 ml.
Rs. 199
Product Name :Purifying Clay Mask
A deep cleansing creamy clay mask for oily to combination skin. Contains mineral clays to clean and remove embedded dirt & excess oil. Formulation is fast-drying and easy to remove. Leave on for 10 minutes and feel the mask dry on your face, then rinse off avoiding eye area. To be used 1–2 times a week. 50 ml.
Rs. 169
Product Name : Moisturising Cucumber Mask
A moisturising water based gel mask, suitable for normal to dry skin. Enriched with cucumber extract to soften and moisturise the skin, maintaining moisture balance. Use on cleansed skin, leave on for 5–10 minutes, then rinse off. Avoid eye area. 50 ml.
Rs. 169
Product Name : Relaxing Vitamin Mask
A refreshing and relaxing moisturising gel cream to de-stress and detoxify skin, for all skin types. Contains vitamins to help de-stress, Borage Seed Oil to remove toxins in skin and tomato extract to detoxify the skin. Use on cleansed skin, leave on 5–10 minutes, avoiding eye area. Then rinse off or wipe off excess. 50 ml.
Rs. 169
Product Name :Exfoliating Citrus Peel-Off Mask
fast drying peel-off mask for combination skin. Lift impurities from the pores and remove dead skin cells which improve the texture of the skin. Contains fruit extracts to exfoliate and leave skin smooth and radiant. Use on cleansed skin, leave on for 10 minutes and peel off in one go. Can be applied all over face or only on T-zone. Avoid eye area. 50 ml.
Rs. 169
Product Name :Even Out Dark Spot Fading Cream
A blend of gentle natural ingredients in liposomes to help fade existing dark spots fast. Use daily on face and hands. Morning and night. 30 ml.
Rs. 498
Product Name :Maximum Treatment Cream
A rich, restorative cream, quickly absorbed into the skin, to provide in-depth hydration. Use Day or Night. 48 ml.
Rs. 590

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