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Product Name : Embossed Chair Set of Two
"The embossed wooden chair carrying intricate pattern is apt to provide an ethnic feel to the living room. This varnished and detachable chair from Kishangarh will complement the home décor manifolds"
Rs. 625
Product Name : Decorative painted wooden chair ( set of two)
"The hand painted decorative wooden chair set of two from Kishangarh carries an enthralling picture of the royal couple riding on the back of the camel. The detachable chair set combines the tradition with contemporary style"
Rs. 655
Product Name : Decorative window
The hand painted wooden window with two golden knobs can either be fixed in a window frame or can simply be used as a home décor item. The vibrant colors of yellow, pink, blue and black are used in the painting where a royal figure is shown seated on an elephant while his two subordinates are on guard.
Rs. 825
Product Name : Wooden Jharokha small
"This small wooden decorative window frame is an example of the artistry of traditional craftsmen from Rajasthan. Their craft was previously meant only for Rajasthani royalty but today you too can treat yourself to a Jharokha and add a regal touch to your life. This finely carved small Jharokha takes you back to royal Rajasthan, where kings appeared before their subjects on ornately decorated balconies. Made on a smaller scale, this work of art can be used as a frame for images or idols in your home, or to adorn your window and make you feel like a king"
Rs. 365
Product Name : Embossed Wooden Chowki
"The varnished four-legged wooden chowki from Kishangarh is embossed. This detachable unit blends functionality with aesthetics and is apt for the puja room"
Rs. 825
Product Name : Copper Kettle
This Kashmiri copper kettle, engraved with designs of the leaves of Chinar (maple) trees, is a traditional Kashmiri artpiece. Drinking water stored in a copper vessel, is believed to be beneficial for one's health. Combining functionality with aesthetic charm, this Kashmiri copper kettle is sure to enhance the ambience of your dining table.
Rs. 2665
Product Name : Copper Flower Vase
This Copper Flower vase from Kashmir is finely engraved, decorated with intricate designs in traditional Kashmiri style. Handcrafted by skilled traditional artisans, this polished copper piece of art, glows with radiance, and is sure to add beauty to your home.
Rs. 2065
Product Name : Copper Surahi with Glass
This finely engraved copper surahi and glass set, is an art piece of Kashmir. The detailed designs, seen on the surface of the surahi and its accompanying glass, depict floral designs similar to those seen in Kashmiri embroidery. This polished Kashmiri copper work of art glows with the radiance of copper and enhances the luster of your home on happy occations.
Rs. 1405
Product Name : Antique Finish Wooden Box (silver flower 8x5)
This sleek finished mango wood crafted box with an embossed silver design on the top has silver floral pattern that make it simply stunning. The artistic piece opens up to an inch and a half depth, having the original finish of wooden craft to keep your precious things. The metal knob closes on tightly to the front side.
Rs. 315
Product Name : Antique Finish Wooden Photo Frame (floral design in black 8x6)
The flat edges have free-hand style of carving floral patterns, engraved deeply on all four sides. About half an inch depth the photo frame gives that thin and sleek finish. The wood used from mango tree depicts the traditional wooden craft.
Rs. 245
Product Name : Antique Finish Wooden Photo Frame (floral design in brown 8x6)
The flat edges have free-hand style of carving floral patterns, engraved deeply on all four sides. About half an inch depth the photo frame gives that thin and sleek finish. The wood used from mango tree depicts the traditional wooden craft.
Rs. 245
Product Name : Painted Chess Set
If you’re a player of the Game of Kings, you’re sure to love this exquisite Rajasthani chess set, for it is truly a chess set fit for a King. The board and the individual pieces of this unique chess set are works of art, which complement each other perfectly.
Rs. 4995
Product Name : Marble Elephant set (big)
These 2 charming, white, marble elephants, both 4 inches tall, are embossed with gold painting, depicting what would traditionally be the embroidered cloth on the elephant’s backs and the decorations on an elephant, in a ceremonial procession. Both marble elephants have their trunks raised in a royal salute and are in an alert walking posture. The fineness of the carving and painting can be seen in the symmetrical proportion of the elephants, the expressions on their faces, and the minute details of their decorative painting. This charming set of marble elephants will make an exclusive jpgt for you or someone you love.
Rs. 1095
Product Name : Bottle shaped Flower Vase set of 2
This bottle-shaped flower vase is a Jaipur blue pottery product, the art that is famous for its impervious and hygienic qualities. The flower vase is hand crafted, made with traditional techniques using clay. Available in the bright combinations of yellow.
Rs. 385

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