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HP Notebooks
Model No : NX6110
"Cel. 1.4/250 Ram/40GB/Combo/Wifi/DOS/15”/1year"
Rs. 34000
Model No : NX6110
"Cel. 1.5/250 Ram/40GB/Combo/Wifi/DOS/15”/Bluetooth/1year"
Rs. 35500
Model No : NX6110
Rs. 47000
Model No : NX6110
"PM-1.73/256 Ram/40GB/Combo/Lan/Mud/15”/XPP/Wifi/Bluetooth/1year"
Rs. 51000
Model No : NX6120
"(PV 171PA) PM-1.7/256/40/Combo/15”/XPP/Bluetooth/wireless/3-yrs"
Rs. 56500
Model No : NX6120
"(PV172PA) PM1.86/2MBCb/256 Ram/60GB/Combo/15”/XPP/Wireless/Bluetooth 3Yrs"
Rs. 615000
Model No : NX6120
"(EJ899) PM-2.0/2MBCb/256 Ram/40GB/Combo/15”/XPP/Wireless/Bluetooth 3 yrs"
Rs. 67000
Model No : NC6230
"P-IV759PA/M740(1.736)/2MB /512/60GB/DVD-CDRW/14.1 ATI/Mobility 64MDD/Blurtooth/10/100/Lan/Mudu/XPP//3-3-0/Wgt.-2.2Kg"
Rs. 97500
Model No : TC4200
"P-IV 785PA(1.73/256/40/XPP/12.1T"
Rs. 102000
Model No : NC8230 ( P4 745PA)
"M730-1.6/512/60/Combo/64/Truckpoint/Touchpad/10/100/100 Modu/XPP/3 yrs. 15.4 Wide Screen"
Rs. 75000
Model No : NC8230: P4 746PA
"1.73/512/80/DVD Rom/XPP/15.4 Wide Screen/3yrs"
Rs. 105000
Model No : Work Stalf NW 8240: P4 751PA
"M-750-1.86/512MB/80/DVD Rom/15.4 Wide. Screen (1680 x 1050 Regulaty) ATI, Mobulty Fire gel with 128 MB Ram/10/100/1000/Mudu/XPP/3yrs./2.63 Kg"
Rs. 158000

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