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Samsung Mobile Phones
SGH-X640 Model No : SGH-X640
"VGA Camera 65, 536-Colour Screen, Tri-band, Speakerphone, Voice Clarity, 40-chord Polyphonic Ringtones, MMS/GPRS/Java™ "
Rs. 8699
SGH-C230 Model No : SGH-C230
" Stereo FM Radio Tri-Band, 7 Regional Languages support, GPRS Class 10, MMS, JAVA, 1000 Phonebook entries, 65536 Color UFB display"
Rs. 5649
SGH-C210 Model No : SGH-C210
" 65,000 Colour Display, 40 Poly Ringtones, 1000 Phonebook 200 SMS, GPRS Connectivity"
Rs. 4599
SGH-E530 Model No : SGH-E530
"The Fashion Setter Megapixel Camera with Flash. 1 Hour Video recording. Bluetooth / MP3 music Player. 262K TFT Colour Screen. 90 MB User Memory. E mail Client . GPRS / MMS / JAVA. 7 regional languages (menu Only)"
Rs. 15299
SGH-E760 Model No : SGH-E760
" Modern Art Motion Recognition Technology, 1.3 Megapixel Camera, 262K Colour TFT LCD, Music Player with Dual Speakers, Bluetooth™ Wireless Technology"
Rs. 18399
SGH-X200 Model No : SGH-X200
" SGH-X200 Unfold the Actions Tri-Band Speakerphone 65k colour UFB-LCD Emotion icons 1,000 phonebook entries Java™ games"
Rs. 5799
SGH-X480 Model No : SGH-X480
" Emoticon Box Melody Composer Tri-band 65,536-colour Screen GPRS/MMS/Java 40 chord poly ringtones"
Rs. 6599
SGH-E330 Model No : SGH-E330
"VGA Camera with in built Flash. Photo Caller ID on External Screen In Built Speakerphone Voice Clarity Dual 65K Colour Screen"
Rs. 10149
SGH-D500 Model No : SGH-D500
" .3 Megapixel Camera with Flash 1 hr Video Recording MP3 Music Player Bluetooth & IrDA 96 MB Storage Capacity "
Rs. 18699
SGH-E630 Model No : SGH-E630
"6 Hrs Voice Recording 65K TFT Screen Plug-in Speaker (amplifier) VGA Camera with Flash 21MB Storage Capacity "
Rs. 12949
SGH-N700 Model No : SGH-N700
" Multi Language SMS Phone GPRS Flash Light Large Phonebook 5 Regional Language Support "
Rs. 3399
SGH-C200 Model No : SGH-C200
"Make your presence felt with SAMSUNG's SGH-C200 the ultra trendy mobile phone with a distinctive attitude"
Rs. 4399
SGH-E810 Model No : SGH-E810
" SGH-E810 Inspiration in design, Insight into the future. An Ambitious product of Samsung, the SGH-E810 is just the phone that many people have been waiting for. The features combined with a sophisticated design make it truly convenient and distinctive "
Rs. 18549
SGH-X460 Model No : SGH-X460
" GSM SGH-X460 Compact, Round & Intenna. The SGH-X460 is a smart intenna folder phone equipped with a Color LCD display and rich, clear crisp sound.."
Rs. 7149
SGH-C110 Model No : SGH-C110
" Meet the slim and refined design of the SGH-C110. From its racecar design, its bar type, and its slim profile To its magnificent 65,536 colors"
Rs. 4349
SGH-E800 Model No : SGH-E800
" Slip into a Stylish Solution with Samsung’s Moving New Mobile, SGH-E800!!"
Rs. 18199
SGH-E600 Model No : SGH-E600
"Compact Camera Phone! Samsung phone that can actually boast a high resolution camera."
Rs. 14999
SGH-D410 Model No : SGH-D410
"Rotating VGA Camera (640*480) Zoom, Multi-shot, Frames, Effects, Video Record & Play. 2'' Large LCD (262,144 Colors). Regional Languages – Hindi, Marathi and Tamil. User Selectable Wallpapers, Keypad. Tones, Slider Tones, etc. Easy Text Input, 4 Games"
Rs. 19999
SGH-X600 Model No : SGH-X600
" Take a close look at Samsung’s new product, the SGH-X600. With a variety of shooting environments it makes possible, you can now enjoy new levels of enjoyment. Now, the way you think of having and using a camera will never be the same"
Rs. 9900
SGH-X100 Model No : SGH-X100
" The loaded Next Gen phone The Bar type SGH-X100 features an ergonomically designed grip and includes the most vivid color screen available. Its functionality is matched by the magnificence of its amazing 40 polyphonic sound. For those that enjoy durability with an unmatched range of features, the SGH-X100 packs as more features than you'll ever need. Brace yourself for a mobile phone that looks beautiful from the outside, and has every feature imaginable on the inside"
Rs. 6700
SGH-X430 Model No : SGH-X430
" Mass folder phone Enjoy java games in full color with the SGH-X430, equipped with the clearest 65536 color LCD display and the rich, crisp sound of its 40-tone polyphonic melodies! It is outfitted with GPRS technology, which is a 2.5G enhancement to GSM, and is the most significant step towards 3G, making data communication as fast and reliable as possible. With the WAP1.2 you can explore the world of the wireless web and enjoy best browser application available anywhere, at anytime"
Rs. 5699
SGH-E700 Model No : SGH-E700
"Behold the Antenna Phone, a Premium Design triumph! Ever feel that it would be great if there existed a mobile phone that was a phone,camera,image holde,game console, email assistant, and telephone book wrapped into one beautiful compact device? Well take a close look at the SGH-E700. It’s all of these and more! Your enjoyment of using a mobile phone will soar with the refined design features and the high resolution camera of Samsung’s SGH-E700. Keep your eyes wide open. You may not believe what you are seeing. We were amazed when we created it. You will be amazed when you see it! "
Rs. 16499
SGH-C100 Model No : SGH-C100
" Meet the slim and refined design of the SGH-C100 From its racecar design, its bar type, and its slim profile, to its magnificent 65,536 colors, it is designed to operate simply. But look closer. The range of features inside is a symphony of life enhancing tools and technologies. Bold and complex, it is made to work simply for your busy life"
Rs. 5499
SGH-R220 Model No : SGH-R220
" Games On. Friends On. Senses On. Blue On Tired? Bored? Turn On the Blue. With the R220 there's no time to be bored"
Rs. 3999
SGH-E880 Model No : SGH-E880
"GSM SGH-E880 Compact Meets Impact 1 Megapixel Rotating Camera, MP3 (AAC, AAC+) Player, 1 Hour Video recording, Video wallpapers, 262 Internal TFT Screen, Bluetooth and Email Client, 90 MB User Memory, GPRS/MMS/JAVA, 64 Polyphonic ringtones"
Rs. 14099

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