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Product Name : Calendars
"Create stunningly beautiful and dramatic calendars with National Geographic Calendars. Its really easy to use, with a host of professionally designed templates plus the ability to create your own, and hundreds of awe inspiring photos from the National Geographic library, it provides you with a suite of tools that put you firmly in control. You can choose from daily, weekly, monthly or yearly calendars with only a few clicks to create the perfect calendar - the ideal thoughtful gift!"
Rs. 1999
Product Name : Designs
Create professional looking reversible designs using National Geographic photos. There are literally hundreds of templates to choose from to use as they are, or edit to suit you with an intuitive, simple to pick up interface. If you're feeling adventurous, how about a new window design? You may find it easier than you think, and pretty soon you'll find there's a lot of opportunity to do a whole lot more, so get designing!
Rs. 1999
Product Name : Greeting Cards
"Create Stunning greeting cards for friends and family with National Geographic. National Geographic has been at the forefront of world renowned, award winning Photojournalism for over a century. Now they have given you the opportunity to use the awe inspiring beauty of these photographs to add to your greetings cards to produce something sensational and special. With almost any occasion catered for, choose a fantastic ready-made design or create your own with powerful, easy to use tools"
Rs. 1999
Product Name : Photo Gallery
"Take a trip around the world through the eyes of National Geographic. This stunning collection of 3000 photos encompasses the natural world and is presented with a simple picture browser for easy image management on your computer. Best of all, Photo Gallery image files are JPEGs, which means they're compatible with any photo display package you want to use!"
Rs. 1999
Product Name : Sticker & Poster Maker
Looking for something fun to do? Search no further. Sticker & Poster Maker fills the day with exciting activities. Make tons of personalized stickers and labels to put on notebooks, letters, packages, and more. Design posters to advertise occasions or simply to hang on your wall. With thousands of pictures, templates, and backgrounds, you'll have a fantastic time with this CD-ROM.
Rs. 395
Product Name : Graphics Pack - 33 CDs
This Collection is ideal for Advertisements, Design agencies, Web Designers, Corporate Communications, Posters, catalogs, magazines, newspapers, Book Publishers, Menus, Company Reports, Presentations, Memos, Business cards, greeting cards, invitations and Many More.........
Rs. 2999
Product Name : Card & Invitation Maker
Tired of never finding the right card or invitation? Solve the problem by easily creating your own with the Snap! Card & Invitation Maker. Pick the perfect picture or background and write your own clever saying. Numerous ready-made templates make projects easy, and with 5,000 illustrations to choose from, you can make a card for any occasion.
Rs. 395
Product Name : Clickart 400,000 - 4 CDs
"ClickArt 400,000-The finest Digital Art is Just a Click Away! ClickArt 400,000 provides high quality graphics and photography for all of your image needs. INCLUDES: 206,000 Premium Quality Images & Graphics , 100,000 Web Images , 94,000 Photos & fine art , 1,000 True Type Fonts, World Famous Images, Christie's Images, Master Art, Vintage Images, Photography Portfolio and More........!"
Rs. 399
Product Name : Card & Invitation Maker Clickart Fonts 3 Deluxe
"The Finest Fonts are Just a Click Away! Explore more than 15,000 eye-catching alphabets, headers and images , Enrich your designs with over 2,600 True type fonts , Find just what you need in moments with easy keyword searching , Embellish your scrapbook with 50 exclusive Creating Keepsakes scrapbook fonts , Fine-tune your masterpiece with integrated photo and image edition tools, Enjoy 300 bonus handwritten fonts"
Rs. 399
Product Name : Draw Plus 4 Drawing & Graphics
DrawPlus 4 does it all- from decorative page elements and logos to full page illustrations and animated Web graphic Add impact to your desktop publishing, presentation, technical documents, word processing, Web sites and much more.
Rs. 299
Product Name : Page Plus 6 Desktop Publishing
"The award - winning DTP software containing everything you need to publish your ideas-in print online. PagePlus is ideal for beginners and experts alike, with powerful features to create pro-quality result for home, school or commercial use"
Rs. 299
Product Name : Photo Plus 6 Digital Image Editing
The essential image-editing tool that lets you create, manipulate and enhance photograph, bitmap graphic and Web animations. Perfect for producing professional-looking images and effects for print, multimedia and the Web.
Rs. 299
Product Name : Let Us C++ Multimedia CBT
"Comprehensive and in depth coverage of C++ in the inimitable style of Yashvant Kanetkar. Covers classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, virtual functions, templates, exception handling etc. Several working programs that you can actually run and see the results to make your learning experience truly interactive. Interactive exercises at the end of each module to consolidate your understanding and to hone your skills"
Rs. 399
Product Name : Instant Immersion Typing
The latest version of this addictive typing skill-builder touches down with updated graphics designed by an astro-photographer, and an all-new, user-friendly layout. But Captain Keyboard 3.0 is the same out-of-this-world blend of arcade game and typing tutor, wherein players attempt to key in the on-screen word or phrase before the enemy attacks. Keyboard cadets work their way through the ranks of Cadet Training, after being taught home row and keying techniques to help them on their missions, including everything from middle and little finger workouts to challenging spelling and vocabulary lists.
Rs. 1995
Product Name : Mavis Becon Teaches Typing Version 16 Standard q
"With time at a premium and success tied to efficiency, get the vital skills you need to move ahead with Mavis Beacon. Why choose Mavis Beacon? #1 for 10 years straight , Over a million programs sold , Winner of over 15 prestigious awards, including Teacher's Choice and Parents' Choice awards. Mavis Beacon will personally: Keep track of your progress , Dynamically adjust your lesson plan based on your performance. Guide you toward becoming a faster typist in just two weeks, guaranteed! State-of-the-Art Classroom Environment , Our exclusive Adaptive Response Technology dynamically adjusts your lesson plan to your age, typing ability and progress. 44 Motivating Practice Lessons , Stay engaged longer with content that appeals, choosing from in-depth subjects and wide-ranging topics in each custom session. 8 Fun-Filled Arcade Games , Hone accuracy, speed & rhythm with entertaining practice games. Motivational Progress Tracker , Track speed, accuracy, WPM goals & key proficiency. Numerous User Settings , Select your goals, age, keyboard style, language & music preference"
Rs. 199
Product Name : Divya Yog Sadhna Pranayam VCD Part -1
Breathing discipline for a robust health and forgetting rid of all ailments. This CD features the redeeming Pranayams : Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Bahya, Anulom-Vilom, Bhramri, Udgeeth and Ujjayee. Yog assans for a robust health and for getting rid of all ailments including obesity (overweight), high blood pressure, diabetes, heart related problems, spondilytis, arthritis and chronic stomach ailment.
Rs. 199
Product Name : Instant Home Design
"From wallboard to window treatments, upgrading your domestic surrounding just got easier with Instant Home Design software on 2 interactive CD-ROMs. Instant remodeling lets you alter a photo of your home as you explore the possibilities of building as addition, or updating an existing floor plan. Instant Interior Designs takes your room specs, and allows you to play on0-screen with paint, wallpaper, and photo placement of thousands of name-brand house wares. Feature-packed and user-friendly, the Instant Home Designs software suite is the perfect way to upgrade your residential layout before you even reach for the tools!"
Rs. 595
Product Name : Instant Landscaping
"From hedges to hot tubs, upgrading your domestic surroundings just got easier with Instant Landscaping software on 2 interactive CD-ROMs . Instant Landscape lets you digitally alter a photo of your home, adding outdoor elements ranging from flower and trees to fencing and structures. Avoid the pitfalls and surprises of program geared to your specific property. Feature-packed and user-friendly, the Instant Landscaping software suite is the perfect way to customize your lot before you reach for the tools!"
Rs. 595
Product Name : Yoga For Beginners
Alleviate stress, and increase physical flexibility and muscle tone with Yoga for Beginners. This multimedia CD-ROM provides a dynamic introduction, performed in a soothing park-like setting, to this ancient and gentle regimen. Your choice of video yoga demonstrations offer personal instruction in postures and breathing techniques encompassing the standing, sitting, and lying positions.
Rs. 395
Product Name : Patanjali Yoga - Mind Body & Soul
"Yoga has been used for centuries to achieve good postural alignment, to improve flexibility, to resolve imbalances in the body and to open up its pathways for energy, peace and radiant health. Patanjali Yoga CDRom Informs the user of the benefits of Pantanjali Yoga applicable to both adults and children. The narration is supplemented with video demonstrations of the different Yogasanas (postures), Pranayamas(breathing exercises) and Dharana (disciplining of the mind), as well as suggestions of how to integrate these into a daily routine. Acquaints the user with the benefits of Patanjali Yoga as a method of relaxation. Teaches the user to stretch and sculpt his entire body by demonstrating the technique of slow controlled movements"
Rs. 299
Product Name : FengShui
"Create a Harmonious and Balanced Environment in Your Home and Office With the Basic Concepts of Practicing Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating harmony and balance in the home and office environment. It is practiced in homes and by businesses all over the world today. Feng Shui literally means ""wind and water"". The main purpose of maintaining good Feng Shui is to achieve harmonious family relationships, foster good health, revive energy and enthusiasm and even encourage fertility. In your business or work environment it helps attract prosperity and success"
Rs. 395
Product Name : Leo Gold
"Leo Gold is a comprehensive package on Indian Vedic Astrology for desktop computer. It contains computations for various systems of astrology like Parashar, Jaimini, KP, Lal Kitab, Numerology etc. For commercials it provides lot of printing, accounting & protection"
Rs. 3500
Product Name : The SAIence of Numerology
Welcome to the world of Numerology. This CD is titled Divinity of Numbers because Numerology is about the relationship that humans share with number at a cosmic level. With this CD you can find out about yourself as an individual and how you relate to others.
Rs. 499
Product Name : Tarla Dalal - Desi Khana - The Best of Indian Vegetarian Cooking
Ms.Tarla Dalal is a world famous expert on Indian Vegetarian cooking. She has to her credit more than 17 books on the subject, which have sold over a million copies worldwide. Her books have been translated into many languages including Dutch and Russian. Tastefully illustrated with detailed recipes, her books are snapped up in thousands by Indian cuisine lovers the world over.
Rs. 349
Product Name : Instant Home Cooking
With over 600 recipes and 100,000 more, Instant Home Cooking is a complete reference source and nutritional guide for delicious recipes. This 2 CD-ROM suite includes the Food Lover's Encyclopedia and Center Software. With a wide variety of main course, appetizers, deserts, seafood meals, and over 1,000 preparation ideas, you can have a five star meal at home. Automatic recipe scaling and nutritional analysis features help you maintain proper proportions and cook sensibly. Use the demonstration videos to master culinary techniques such as chopping, braising, grilling, steaming, and more.
Rs. 595
Product Name : 12,000 Recipes
"Have limitless cooking ideas at your fingertips with 12,000 Recipes. With a wide variety of main courses, appetizers, desserts, light cooking dishes, foreign cuisine, and seafood recipes, you'll always have a delicious meal at home. This easy-to-use source provides everything needed for successful cooking."
Rs. 395
Product Name : 12,000 Recipes
"Trying to find the perfect after dinner drink? Not sure what you can mix with the liquor you already have? 10,000 Drink Recipes is the solution to all your beverage needs. From cocktails to bar drinks, you can find practically any recipe with the extensive search option. Providing an array of choices, this CD-ROM is a fantastic resource for any occasion"
Rs. 395

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