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Utilities & Virus Protection
Product Name : Maps of India CD Ver. 4.0
"Maps of India CD Version 4.0 (MOI CD 4.0) has much more information than previous versions and many new and updated maps. Useful new features have been added so that you can stay up-to-date with the geographical details of India. The city maps have been updated and many new cities and towns have also been added, to make the CD a collector's delight. MOI CD 4.0 has to its credit more than 100 city and town maps and encompasses detailed Census (2001) and Overview Maps of India. If you are looking for geographical information on various segments like history, climate, crafts or handicrafts of India, then MOI CD 4.0 has maps on them"
Rs. 995
Product Name : MAPS The Complete Collection
"OVER 500 MAPS with zoom, search, printing facility with audio, video and full photo Sit back, relax, and let National Geographic MAPS take you on a remarkable and wondrous journey around some of the Worlds most exotic locations. Explore the world around you at the touch of a button. See maps and history come to life as you embark on a mesmerizing interactive journey with amazing and thought provoking video footage, stunning photos and fascinating audio narration and gorgeous photos. Whether your interest lies in Culture, History or the Environment, interactive time lines trace key events and provide thrilling stories about the people and places behind this very exceptional and stunning collection of maps"
Rs. 3200
Product Name : 3D Atlas
"Study the world like you never have before with 3D Atlas. This interactive resource provides you with satellite viewing options, demographic and transportation route information, and a search feature for over 1.6 million places and statistics. You can even rotate 3D models, clip and paste interesting images, and tour the earth in the flight simulator"
Rs. 395
Product Name : DK World Atlas
Eyewitness World Atlas presents geographical data as never before in a stunning fusion of style and content. From the global big picture to the smallest dependency, you can view the world through compelling cartographic maps, dazzling images and exciting 3D graphics, or explore the huge, encyclopedic database, using state-of-the-art software features. As a rich educational tool it will satisfy students of any age, and as an accessible information source it will be indispensable to all family members.
Rs. 499
Product Name : 3D World Atlas
3 D World Atlas offers complete, concise and exciting way to explore the world. It features half a million-mapped locations and provides information on bio climatic zones, environment, natural disasters, global climate, landscape formation and continental drift.
Rs. 499
Product Name : Atlas of the Solar System Ver 2
Imagine a journey across millions of miles of space, from the cratered landscape of Mercury to the searing surface of Venus. Travel beyond the frozen moons of Neptune to Pluto, Charon and the very edge of the solar system. Explore the deepest valley on Mars, and the volcanic landscapes of lo. Speed through space to a far distant moon and discover the secrets looked in its surface.
Rs. 499
Product Name : DVD Copy (Spydersoft)
"Now, you can replicate and back-up any of your existing DVD movies, as well as convert them for increased viewing options and portability. With DVD Copy, you have need to turn your personal computer into a versatile burnin' conversion workstation-without the need for a DVD recorder. Just follow the step-by operation wizards to burn your DVDs to CD-R or DVD-R for replay on laptops, or PC, or standard and portable DVD players. And with its support of Dolby surround sound and foreign-language subtitles, DVD Copy is the true original!"
Rs. 1995
Product Name : PC Optimizer
Now you can tune up the performance of your PC with one simple installation and configuration, when you have the computer-boosting capabilities of PC Optimizer software. Designed especially for the non-technical user searching for a simple solution, PC Optimizer works harmoniously with all modern CPUs to provide adjustable performance and menu options to get the most out of your system and the Internet. Whether continuously scanning and updating your system, or extensively analyzing your hardware and software components to suggest performance-enhancing alternatives, PC Optimizer is always on the job, checking hardware configurations, system layout, and data position on your hard disc for maximum PC performance.
Rs. 1995
Product Name : Spyware Remover (Spydersoft)
"If you bank, shop, or surf online, you know the importance of keeping your credit card numbers, PINs usernames, and passwords out of the hand of cyber-thieves. Now, you can neutralize invasive, hacking spyware programs from your personal computer with Spyware Remover , the user-friendly software solution to Internet vulnerability. With increasingly sophisticated spyware and adware programs allowing invaders to record your every keystroke, the easy installation and comprehensive firepower of Spyware Remover sends non-viral intrusions such as dialers, spies-even pop-ups-back into the cold. Protect your confidential online information from cyber-snoops with the automatic search, removal, and clean-up features of Spyware Remover"
Rs. 1995

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