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Dolls & Teddies
Product Name : Kelly Doll
Adorable, cute ‘n’ cuddly, charming are some of the words that are associated with this doll. We call her Kelly, so can you. It’s a gift that’s just right for a little girl.
Rs. 355
Product Name : Bunter Doll Small
If a little kid close to you is looking for a friend, send across this Bunter Doll now. She’s dressed in a cute red dress with net frill and sporting satin ribbons in her blonde hair.
Rs. 360
Product Name : Kevin Boy
Want to add a friend in your club! Here’s Kevin Boy with rosy cheeks, waiting to make new friends. Send this soft toy across and you will surely receive big thanks.
Rs. 405
Product Name : Doll Bag
If you wish a kid to go to his school with a big smile rather than a sulky face then gift her this bag, for she then will not go alone but would be accompanied by a charming little friend. It is a bag with ample space to carry books, snack box, colours & lots more. The bag is made of cotton fabric and the doll too is crafted with cotton fabric & sponge.
Rs. 440
Product Name : Hawaiian Gal
Donning a floral headgear, a jazzy short dress, a matching earring and of course her infectious smile, this Hawaiian Gal is all set to indulge in non-stop fun… forever. It is crafted of synthetic fabric and premium quality foam, and makes an ideal gift for fun-loving girls. Well, you may also send it as a proposal gift to your sweetheart.
Rs. 360
Product Name : Cozy Teddy
No matter young or old, Cozy Teddy makes friends with all alike. With him along, no one can ever feel alone.
Rs. 399
Product Name : Gentle Teddy
Gentle looks and gentle disposition is what makes this teddy different from the rest. His velvety fur too makes him a distinctive teddy. We’re sure there is definitely someone who has a special place in your heart, in your life. And we’re sure this Gentle Teddy will make an ideal gift to express your heart with
Rs. 739
Product Name : Teddy Master - Large
Teddy Bear has always been an epitome of love & Affection and hence has been the best gift when it comes to conveying feelings. Made of premium quality soft fur, send across this teddy that stands 2 feet tall, to say you care. Well, the teddy too is all set with his satin bow on to carry your feelings across to your dear one.
Rs. 1575
Product Name : Pink Poodle
Just out of a saloon, this pink poodle is flaunting her new hairdo. Curly hair (read fur) makes her just so fetching. This soft toy is crafted with fine fur with polyester fibre and pellets stuffing. It measures 8 inches in height.
Rs. 349
Product Name : Cuddle Me Up
A hard-to-resist & amazing stuff, you can soon feel like cuddling it up as a baby! And why not, its quality fur makes it feel softer than ever! Available in a subtle wheat brown shade, the teddy wears a light cream tee with two kissing teddies. Order it now!
Rs. 599
Product Name : Love’s My Name
Meet Love, The Lovable Teddy. Donned in the finest of colours, red (that’s his favourite scarf), he keeps on stealing hearts of many, that’s why the name. He is now all set to play with you & your friends & siblings. Plan to be friend him
Rs. 649

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