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Soft Toys
Product Name : Bunny with Star
It's playful, cheery and it dazzles too. It's Bunny with a star that would brighten up every moment. Very cuddly & soft, this bunny with white fur is holding a colourful star that dazzles by virtue of reflective metallic circles pasted on it. It is sporting a bow that matches with its star. It is made of fine fur and polyfil and measures 10 inches in height
Rs. 299
Product Name : Prince Bunny
Dressed in a spotless white suit (read fur), leaf green net bow and hat with a pink rose… here comes the charming Prince Bunny. Finest fur and polyfil makes it the most adorable too. Measures 12 inches in height
Rs. 449
Product Name : Kiss the Frog
Hey, all you young girls out there! Wanna try your luck to get the Prince? You never know, the fairy tale might turn true for you. And may be his eyes are popping out just for you! This frog is fabricated with soft short fur, is stuffed with polyfil and measures 13 inches in height
Rs. 449
Product Name : Bunny Dressed to Charm
Wow! Say one & all when they see this Bunny who is dressed to charm. Spanking white fur, bright orange hat, a soft pink net bow and last but not the least - its innocent looks make heads turn. It is made of fine fur and polyfil and measures 12 inches in height
Rs. 449
Product Name : Ganesha Car Hanging
We have all worshiped Lord Ganesha in forms that are spiritual & divine. Here is Ganesha in a cute & charming form. Bedecked with a crown, Little Ganesha is wearing bandhani vastra with a bandhani stole. It’s a stuffed car dangler made of synthetic fabric to make your car drives blessed.
Rs. 209
Product Name : Designer Dog
Just be different’ is his mantra. So his garb has newsprint allover. Makes a good gift for one who too tends to collect soft toys that are out of the ordinary. Material: synthetic fabric, polyfil and pellets.
Rs. 589
Product Name : Mommy 'n' Me (Musical)
If there is paradise on earth, it is in Mom's lap. Baby bear is cuddled tightly in his Mom's arms and he is so pleased being there. The soft toy when pressed on the baby's belly churns out Brahms' lullaby. Super-soft polka dotted baby blue fur makes both Mommy and baby bear very adorable. Comprises of a big teddy (the Mom) holding a small teddy (the baby) with the help of Velcro on its hands. Measures 8.5 inches high. This soft toy comes from a world-renowned soft toy making company of UK.
Rs. 529
Product Name : Fur Teddy with 4 Little Hearts
"Unlimited desires. One expression. Yes, put across your feelings to a close-to-heart chum through this light almond coloured fur teddy with 4 little hearts conveying your intimate feelings. He/She is going to love it because it's so very much full of your love, embraces & countless kisses. Most of all, it conveys how much your friend means to you! Size: Height 8 inches"
Rs. 499
Product Name : Real Big Soft Pink Heart Cushion (made of fur)
"Bask in peace & celebrate every moment of Friendship Day with your pals. Whether it's fights or embraces, knocking down or showering kisses. And, if you miss it, you really miss the fun of the day. So, this Friendship Day, are you ready for a pyjama party? Send this real big soft pink heart cushion (made of fur) featuring 'Friends Forever' & 2 intersecting hearts. Size: Width 15 inches."
Rs. 299
Product Name : Pink 'Friends Forever' Heart Cushion with a Peeking Teddy + Photo Frame
"Memories of bygone days flood across your mind & you are ready to meet your friend. Make sure you meet on this Friendship Day, not to forget this pink 'Friends Forever' Heart Cushion with a Peeking Teddy & a Photoframe to treasure your memories full of simply Love! Your friend, for sure, will treasure the happier times you shared together. Size: Width 17 inches"
Rs. 549
Product Name : Happy to be Friends!
"Let your friend know how happy you feel being together, Sharing myriad thoughts & sensing closeness every moment. The Friendship Day is the perfect occassion to speak out your heart. So, why not go ahead with this special gift of soft orange fur huggable clasping 2 'Friends Forever' Hearts. Size: Height 12 inches"
Rs. 499
Product Name : Rich Red Heart Cushion
"Out of those million faces, there's one person who put so many colours into your life & made you happy. What sunshine is to flowers, your friend's smiles are to you. This Friendship Day, let your best friend know, through this rich red heart cushion (made of fur) featuring 'Friends Forever' & 2 intersecting hearts that he/she will always be loved by you! Size: Width 15 inches"
Rs. 299
Product Name : Wacky Quacky
A duckling from the Old Mc Donald’s farm? Probably. It’s appealing face makes it a wonderful & novel gift option. Donned in a bright yellow ribbon tied around its neck, it’s prepared to go quacking off to you singing EEYA EEYA O!
Rs. 499
Product Name : Monkey Business
A cute addition to the toy collection, this cuddly baby monkey is made from very soft material and & is one of the most popular soft toys for kids, youngsters & in fact, all age groups. Gift it to anyone & he/she is bound to fall in love.
Rs. 499
Product Name : Hangons
Beautifully & expertly crafted, this one’s a lovable monkey. Its soft brown fur, docile eyes light up its face. Be it for the birthday or for Christmas or any occasion, it’s adorable & makes for the best of treasured memories. Magical, isn’t it?
Rs. 499
Product Name : Fishing Pooh
"Want to spend some leisure time with a pal? Go fishing with Pooh Bear! The fluffy bear is all geared up with his fishing rod and a water bottle. You too grab your fishing kit and join him. Made of fine velvoa fabric and polyfil, This soft toy stands 10 inches tall."
Rs. 399
Product Name : Winnie - the 'Fruity' Pooh
His love for fruits is so deep that Pooh the Bear likes to dress up like a fruit itself. And in this attire, he fascinates both kids and grown-ups alike. Made of velvoa fabric and stuffed with polyfil, Winnie - the Fruity Pooh stands 6 inches high. On any occasion or just to say you care, this Fruity Pooh makes a nice gift. (Available in Pack of 2)
Rs. 298
Product Name : Lover Mickey Mouse
"An important announcement from Disneyland - 'Mickey Mouse is in love!'. To know who is the lucky girl (Err... mouse), invite him home. May be reveals the secret. He is sporting a stylish red bow. This is a soft toy that is 19 inches in height and is made of velvoa fabric, polyfil stuffing and fine fur."
Rs. 449
Product Name : Lover Minnie Mouse
"She wanted to hide her nascent love, but her blushing cheeks couldn't conceal it. You can send across your love proposal by making Lover Minnie Mouse your love messenger. When it is a Disney character attached with a proposal, acceptance is guaranteed. Still thinking to send this soft toy? It is 19 inches tall and is made of velvoa fabric & polyfil."
Rs. 449

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