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Whirlpool Washing Machine
Product Name : WhiteMagic-H70
.Capacity-7 Kg , .Wash System-1-2/ 1-2 Handwash System, .Hotwash, .Controls-Electromechanical, .Aquashower, .Detergent Dispenser, .Wash Programs-3, .See Through Wash Window, .Buzzer, .Wheel Castor, .Lint Filter, .Dynamic Soak, .Water Level Selector, .Rust Proof Plastic Base, .Wash Motor-340 watts, .Warranty-2 Years.
Rs. 9125
Product Name : The Magnum Opus Range - WhiteMagic-S70
.Capacity-7 Kg, .Wash System-1-2/ 1-2 Handwash System, .Controls-Electromechanical, .Aquashower, .Detergent Dispenser, .Wash Programs-3 .See Through Wash Window, .Buzzer, .Lint Filter, .Wheel Castor, .Dynamic Soak, .Water Level Selector, .Rust Proof Plastic Base, .Wash Motor-340 watts, .Warranty-2 Years
Rs. 8450
Product Name : The Elite Range - WhiteMagic--SuperSoak
Capacity-6.2 (kg), .Wash System-1-2 / 1-2 Handwash System, .Controls-Electromechanical, .Wash Programs-3, .Wash Motor-340 (watts) , .See Through Wash Window , .Lint Filter, .Buzzer, .Wheel Castor, .Warranty-2 Years
Rs. 7475
Product Name : The Elite Range - WhiteMagic-E65
Capacity-6.2 Kg, .Electro Mechanical Control, .Wash Motor-340 Watts, .Wash Programs-3, .Lint Filter, .Water level Selector, .Wheel Castor, .See Through Wash Window, .Rust Proof Plastic Base, .Warranty-2 Year
Rs. 7200
Product Name : The Elite Range - WhiteMagic-S60Buzz
.Capacity-6 (kg), .Wash System-1-2/ 1-2 Handwash System, .Wash Program-2, .Wash Motor-340 (Watts) , .Lid Window , .Wheel Castor , .Lint Filter, .Rust Proof Plastic Base, .Mechanical controls, .Warranty-2 yrs
Rs. 6875
Product Name : The Elite Range - WhiteMagic-Si60
".Capacity-6 KG, .Impellor, .Wash Motor-340 (watts), .See Through Wash Window, .Lint Filter, .Mechanical controls, .Wash Program-2, .Wheel Castor, .Rust Proof Plastic Base, .Warranty-2 Years"
Rs. 6400
Product Name : Sensation-EM
.Wash Performance-Best in Class , .No of Wash Programs-29, .Hotwash-Cold to 95°C , .Dirt Level Progarms , .Basic Progarms-Cotton/ Synthetic/ Delicate , .Water Consumption under Normal Wash-8.5 lts , .Wash Capacity-6.5kg , .Adjustable Installation , .Pedestal-Optional , .Door Diameter-300mm, .Anti Crease, .Auto Restart , .Lint Filter , .Safety cover outside the door, .Table Top-Steel-strong and sturdy , .Door-Scratch free glass , .Spin Speed-600 rpm , .Water Level selector-Selected as per the wash load , . Warranty-2 Year.
Rs. 22525
Product Name :Sensation-EX
".Wash Performance-Best in Class, .No of Wash Programs->100 , .Stain Wash-(9 types of Stains) , .Whitest Whites , .Hotwash-Cold to 95°C , .Eco Wash , .Dirt Level Progarms, .Delay Wash , .Water Consumption under Normal Wash-8.5 lts, .Wash Capacity-6.5 kg , .Adjustable Installation, .Pedestal , .Door Diameter-300mm , .Loading/Unloading possible after starting The Machine-within 1st 15 mins , .Water Level selector-Dynamically select water level as per the wash load and fabric type, . Warranty-2 Year"
Rs. 27425
Product Name :WhiteMagic-T50
".Capacity-5KG , .Spin Speed-600 rpm , .Hotwash -up to 95C , .Door Opening--285 mm , .Foam Control , .Half Load, .Eco Wash , .Rinse Hold , .No Spin, .Warranty-2 Year"
Rs. 18100
Product Name : WhiteMagic-F65
".Capacity-6.0 (kg), .Wash Motor-575 watts, .1-2, 1-2 Hand Wash System , .Wash tub Stainless Steel , .Wash Program-8 , .Customised Wash Programs , .Digital Display, .Agitronic Soak, .Delay Wash , .Double Rinse, .Low Spin, .Child Lock, .Memory Backup, .Auto Power off, .StainWash - Removes limited stain, .Castor Wheels, .Optimal Detergent Indicator-6th SenseTM, .Warranty-2 Years"
Rs. 15325
Product Name : WhiteMagic-H65
.Capacity-6 KG, .Stainwash-Removes 6 stubborn stains, .Hotwash-Built in Heater, .1-2, 1-2 Hand Wash System , .Customised Wash Programs, .Optimal Detergent Indicator, .Wash Program-8, .Memory Backup, .Delay Wash, .Child Lock, .Wash tub Stainless Steel, .Wash Motor-575 Watts, .Wheel Castor, .Digital Display, .Agitronic Soak, .Auto Power off , .Warranty-2 Year
Rs. 17900
Product Name : WhiteMagic-FP60-DLX
.Capacity-6 Kg, .Impellor, .Wash Programs-4 , .Memory Backup, .Child Lock, .Transparent Glass Window, .Tub-Plastic, .Wash Motor-575 watts, .Castor Wheels, .Speedy Option, .Warranty-2 yrs
Rs. 12350
Product Name : WhiteMagic-FS65
".Capacity-6.0KG, .1-2, 1-2 Hand Wash System, .Wash Motor-575Watts, .Fuzzy Logic, .Wash Tub-Steel, .Wash Programs-4, .Double Rinse, .Agitronic Soak, .Speedy Option-Low Speed, .Memory Backup, .Child Lock, .Castor Wheels, .Warranty-2 Year"
Rs. 14800
Product Name : WhiteMagic-FP55-Aqua
".Capacity-5KG, .1-2, 1-2 Hand Wash System, .Wash Programs, .Water Storage , .Water Saver, .Wash Tub , .Agitronic Soak , .Multiple Rinse , .Speedy Cycle , .Castor Wheels, .Delicate Spin, .Double Rinse, .3 Dispensers-Detergent Bleach, .Agi peller, .Aqua Shower, .Warranty-2 Year"
Rs. 11200
Product Name : WhiteMagic-FP65
".Capacity-6.0 KG, .1-2, 1-2 Hand Wash System, .Wash Motor-575 Watts, .Fuzzy Logic, .Wash Tub-Plastic, .Wash Programs-4 , .Water storage, .Double Rinse, .Agitronic Soak, .Speedy Option-Low Speed, .Memory Backup, .Child Lock, .Castor Wheels, .Warranty-2 Year"
Rs. 15120

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